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American Consumer Counseling Organization is a full-service financial company whose core mission is to help our customers navigate through these difficult economic times. With our parent company’s vast knowledge and experience in the mortgage lending, loan underwriting and legal sectors, we can help you acquire new terms and be able to breathe again. We already have the relationships with your lenders and have created a proven process. Let us help create a long-term plan to best manage your financial situation.

Many homeowners today feel trapped because they are caught in a loan with a high interest rate, or an adjustable loan that is about to reset to a higher rate or possibly even owe more than the house is worth. We want to let those people know that there are several options available to them, including Loan Modification.

We can also provide a variety of other solutions, including reducing credit card debt, improving your credit score or renegotiation the terms and principal of your mortgage loan, we are the company you can trust..

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